Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

At the touch of a button, you transform your sales floor or service floor into a professional call center with Snapforce call center software.

  1. Automatic call distribution allows for effortless call routing.
  2. Eliminating the complexity of manual dialing.
  3. Maximize call center production.

Interactive Voice Response

Save money by reducing personnel with powerful Interactive Voice Response.

  1. Setup multiple auto attendant scripts programmed to interact with your callers.
  2. Save time and money by allowing your phone system to screen your calls.
  3. Reduce downtime by confirming callers are transfered to the right person the first time.

Call Center Reporting

Analyze your call center production down to the minute with custom dashboards and powerful reporting.

  1. Measure and track performance with call center specific reports.
  2. Promptly respond to slow or inefficient agents.
  3. At a glance spot trends in calling behavior.
  4. Use call volume reporting to measure your best performing agents.